2010-2011 Academic Catalog 
    Mar 31, 2020  
2010-2011 Academic Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Student Development

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Student Development


For more information on any of the services listed, refer to the student handbook.

Mission Statement

The mission of Student Development is to provide opportunities for the students to achieve academic success, experience life in community and to deepen their relationship with Christ. Student Development is committed to providing a safe environment for students to engage in an experience that will transform them into fully devoted servants of Christ to the world. Student Development offers opportunities to actively and creatively integrate their classroom experience with their living experience. From intramural sports to social activities, informal gatherings to programmed events, sidewalk conversations to private meetings, orientation to career counseling, Student Development personnel challenge students to excellence in faith and character.


Chapel services celebrate all things student life! We believe that all of life is spiritual and filled with the wonder of the Spirit. Students are provided opportunities for spiritual growth, community celebration and messages that engage the mind and heart. Students join with the faculty and administration in these unique worship experiences.

The office of the President is responsible for scheduling the chapel speakers, which includes our Campus Pastor and prominent guest speakers. Our preaching team consists of faculty, staff, dynamic pastors, evangelists, and missionaries from around the world. A distinctive of our chapel is the authentic worship that is lead by our student worship teams. The combination of community, Christ-centered worship and messages that challenge the heart and mind make the chapel experience unique at Southeastern.

Chapel is critical to our spiritual community and we place a high value on the spiritual development of our students; therefore attendance is required for all students. Attendance requirements are further explained in the Student Handbook.

Residence Life

At Southeastern University, the foundation of the campus community is Residence Life. What sets us apart from other universities is how we create and cultivate a Christ-centered environment that encourages student development through spiritual, academic, and social growth. Whether it is student-led prayer groups, finals survival nights, or Battle of the Dorms, our priority is the success of the students.

 First Year Experience (FYE)

The FYE exists to provide students the opportunity to connect with a member of the faculty as well as an experienced student leader (First Year Advisor [FYA]) to provide an experience for First Year Students that integrates them with the Southeastern community. The FYE is centered around Christ, Culture and the University, a required course for first year students that introduces them to the rigors of higher education, focused on preparing them for success in the classroom, forming a Christian worldview and providing community building experiences that will connect them to the University.  

Spiritual Formation

The mission of the Spiritual Formation Department is to cultivate an authentic biblically functioning community that brings life transformation through a student’s contact with God. They aim to accomplish that through counseling, pastoral care, mentoring and discipleship, and a wide variety of spiritual events and experiences.

Health and Wellness

SEU Health and Wellness serves to empower students to live whole lives. We are mind, soul and body. Health and Wellness provides choices for students to take advantage of in order to honor God by caring for our bodies. There are a variety of classes that are made available to every student at no additional cost. These opportunities expand health awareness, while exploring creative ways to make healthier decisions while on campus. Health and Wellness is committed to seeing students leave SEU understanding and knowing how to live healthy and holistically.  

Health Services

Health Services is now located on the first floor (left side) of the Smith Building. Office hours are posted on the door of the Center as well as in the residence area.

For assistance at other times, contact a Resident Assistant or a Resident Director. For information on immunizations, health services, hours and area medical facilities, see the Student Handbook.

Student Activities

Student Activities serves to enhance the student life of Southeastern University. The Activities Department cultivates and creates avenues of community that allows the student body to become involved and find tools to build deep and meaningful relationships that will last a life time. The primary purpose is to communicate the voice of the students, cultivate community and develop character. We facilitate monthly campus wide activities that contribute to fostering community by providing both large and small events that every student at Southeastern can be a part of and find community fulfillment within.

The campus Activities department mission is carried out through the student involvement of the Student Body Leadership Council. S.B.L.C consist of the Student Body President, Student Body Vice President, Lead Events Coordinator, Student Connections Coordinator, Experience Events Coordinator, Experience Event Assistant Coordinator, Experience Events Marketing & Promotions Coordinator, Production Events Coordinator, Production Events Assistant Coordinator, Production Events Marketing & Promotions Coordinator, Special Event Coordinator, Special Events Coordinator, Special Events Marketing & Promotions Coordinator, Head Dorm Senator, Dorms Senators (7), Events Board Coordinator, Student Connections Marketing & Promotion Coordinator.

 Athletic Program

Promoting an interest in athletic endeavors on campus, the athletic department provides a variety of intramural sports for both men and women. In addition, Southeastern University is a member of the National Christian College Athletic Association (Division II) and the Florida Christian College Conference. The inter-collegiate sports that are offered for women are basketball, volleyball, and soccer; for men, there is baseball, basketball, golf and soccer. Other activities include cheerleading.

Student Publications

The university newspaper, Southeastern Times, and the yearbook, The Torch, are written, designed and published entirely by students under the supervision of a faculty advisor. The Publications office is located in the Alumni-Student Union center in room 232. Scholarships are available to students who serve as editors, staff writers, layout designers, or photographers. Students may submit material for publication, which offers them the opportunity to create portfolio quality work.


DestiNations is a student lead club focused on connecting students with foreign and local missions. The team is composed of executive officers and a sponsor. DestiNations exists to increase the level of interest in global missions through the giving of resources and taking student led mission trips. Our goal is for every graduating student from Southeastern to have been involved in missions while at Southeastern.

Commuter Life

Commuter Life exists to connect off-campus students to Student Activities and campus life of Southeastern University and to assist students in becoming familiar with Lakeland and all that it has to offer. The two emphases in Commuter Life are Commuter Events and Marriage & Family (small groups for young couples and families at SEU) to bring off-campus students and married students & their families into the fellowship of the university and minister to their needs.

Approximately 15 percent of the students at Southeastern University are married. Spouses of full-time students are allowed to audit one class per semester at no charge on a space-available basis.

Student Employment

A wide variety of job opportunities are available to Southeastern University students. For off-campus jobs, students can go to the Career Development Office; on-campus jobs are coordinated through the Human Resources Department.

Student Housing

Southeastern University is a residential campus and serves to create a sense of community as part of the body of Christ. Single students in the traditional undergraduate program who are under 22 years of age are required to live on campus unless they meet the following criteria:

1. The student lives with immediate family members or close relatives who meet the age criteria.
2. The student is taking fewer than ten (10) academic hours derived from any delivery method (in-class, online, DR and/or the Evening/Weekend classes).
3. The student is interning during his/her last semester while taking fewer than 10 in-class hours.

Single students who meet the criteria of living with immediate family or close relatives or interning during their last semester must submit a completed confirmation form to the office of the Director of Student Housing Department each year exemption from the campus housing policy is requested. These forms are available in the Student Housing office.

It is the policy of the university to provide on-campus housing only for students under the age of 24. The university is unable to provide housing for students age 24 or over; however, exceptions may be granted through an appeal process. The Housing Committee will review requests and exemptions may be made based on housing availability and individual circumstances.
Students who violate the campus housing policy will be billed full housing charges for the minimum campus housing plan.


Students may bring automobiles to the campus provided the regulations of vehicle registration and parking are observed. The Student Handbook includes regulations for vehicles on campus, and all students are expected to abide by these regulations.

Student Handbook

Policies, procedures, and special services necessary for successful campus life and sound Christian living are given in the Student Handbook. The Student Handbook may be viewed on the university’s web site at www.seuniversity.edu. The highest standards of Christian character and behavior are expected of all students. All students must sign a statement at the point of application that they will abide by the rules of the university.

Southeastern University does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, sex (in compliance with Title IX of the Educational Amendments of 1972), national and ethnic origin, or physical disability (in compliance with Section 504 of the 1973 Rehabilitation Act), with regard to the admission and employment policies, the educational, financial aid, athletic or other programs and privileges available to students at the university.