2019-2020 Southeastern University - Traditional Undergraduate Catalog 
    Jan 29, 2020  
2019-2020 Southeastern University - Traditional Undergraduate Catalog

School of Business

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Lyle L. Bowlin

Ed G. Plastow
Associate Dean


Beth A. Leslie
Chair, Department of Business

David R. Befus
International Marketing & Economics

Christopher M. Fairchild
Associate Professor of Accounting

Bill Hahn
Professor of Accounting

Carolyn F. Holton
Professor of Management Information Systems

Joseph W. Kilpatrick
Associate Professor of International Business

Robert A. King

John D. Royer
Associate Professor of Marketing

Kirsten L. Scott

Jennifer K. Stukey
Assistant Professor of Management

Beth A. Turk

Natasha R. Ware
Assistant Professor of Accounting


Additional Accreditation

The Accreditation Council for Business Schools and Programs (ACBSP) has awarded our College of Business & Legal Studies accreditation of its business programs and separate accreditation of its accounting program. These accreditations certify that the teaching and learning processes within our undergraduate and graduate business programs meet rigorous educational standards established by the ACBSP. For more information about the ACBSP, visit acbsp.org.


The College of Business and Legal Studies is dedicated to providing high-quality, relevant, and global learning experiences that emphasize moral and ethical practices within a Christ-centered environment. We prepare students with technical knowledge, essential skills, and leadership abilities that enable them to succeed in their professional and personal lives.  We are committed to serving God and our stakeholders through stewardship, leadership and scholarship.

We Value

1.     Providing a high-quality learning experience within a Christ-centered environment.

2.     Integrating moral and ethical components in each course.

3.     Maintaining academically and professionally qualified faculty consistent with the mission of the university.

4.     Contributing to meaningful scholarship, particularly practical and pedagogical.

5.     Assisting our constituents and community through education and acts of service.

6.     Evaluating the need for new and innovative programs and implementing them as appropriate.

7.     Engaging in continuous program improvement by enhancing the personal and professional excellence in our faculty and students.

Program Objectives

Our undergraduates will be able to:

1.     Understand and use fundamental concepts related to accounting, business law, decision sciences, economics, financial analysis, information systems, management and marketing for business decision making.

2.     Identify domestic and global trends that will have a significant impact on how businesses function to provide goods and services.

3.     Describe how organizations should encourage ethical business behavior and practice social responsibility.

4.     Articulate a personal and practical philosophy of ethical leadership and vocation.

5.     Demonstrate the ability to prepare, plan and search for a career and lifelong learning opportunities.

6.     Demonstrate the ability to communicate professionally in a variety of business styles and contexts including interpersonal, collaborative, written, and spoken.

7.     Demonstrate the ability to apply critical thinking, problem-solving skills, and economic reasoning to resolve real or simulated cases.

Minimum Grade Requirements

A student completing a major or minor in the business disciplines must earn a 2.50 average in the business and major core.

Additional Requirements for Sitting for the CPA Exam

For those accounting majors seeking a certificate as a Certified Public Accountant (CPA), most State Boards of Accountancy require approximately 30 additional hours of university courses beyond the traditional four-year accounting degree. In Florida, for example, if a student desires to sit for the CPA Exam, he or she will be required to take the 30 extra hours of university credit, to include 9-12 hours of additional accounting courses and 9-12 hours of additional upper level business courses, specifically including Business Law II. The Department of Business and Legal Studies offers the necessary courses. Alternatively, a properly planned Master of Business Administration or related degree can meet the requirements. The students pursuing a career in public accounting and/or CPA certification should contact their local State Board of Accountancy for specific requirements and meet with their business faculty advisor to plan the fifth year of university work.


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