2015-2016 Southeastern University Catalog 
    Sep 18, 2019  
2015-2016 Southeastern University Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Business and Professional Leadership, Bachelor of Science, Extension Site and Main Campus - Blended Evening Degree Completion Program

General Education Core - 52 Hours

Behavioral and Social Sciences - 9 Hours

Behavioral Science - 3 Hours

Social Science - 3 Hours

Historical Perspective - 3 Hours

Business - 3 Hours

Humanities and Fine Arts - 6 Hours

Humanities - 3 Hours

Literature - 3 Hours

Mathematics - 6 Hours

Natural Sciences (With Lab) - 4 Hours

General Electives - 27 Hours

*Additional General Electives may be required for students transferring in less than 61 credits.

Total Program Hours - 121 Hours

*Ideally, the student enters with an earned Associate of Arts degree from a regionally accredited institution.
*Students who have an Associate of Arts degree from a Florida state school may transfer that degree in its entirety to cover all general education requirements at SEU, unless the selected SEU degree requires a specific course not included in that AA degree.
*Other Associate of Arts degrees may be accepted but additional general education courses may be required.
*An audit of minimum requirements is initiated if an earned AA is not applicable.
*The required courses listed above, or their equivalent as determined by SEU, are utilized to establish the student’s eligibility for entry.
*At the sole discretion of the University, entry requirements may be temporarily waived in order to begin the program if the student has demonstrated the ability to successfully complete collegiate level courses. Courses classified as “entry requirement” will still be required to fully complete the degree program.
**Only ONE General Elective may be utilized as a fulfillment of entry requirements.